Lessons are available at Kings Hill Golf Club from fully qualified PGA Professionals.

The state of the art Golf Academy and Custom fit Centre at Kings Hill Golf Club is regarded as one of the leading golf facilities not only in the U.K but also Europe.

The video technology, training equipment and club analysis tools which are located in the two purpose built studios and debrief room ensures the best possible learning environment for maximum game improvement.

It's not only the long game that can be taught and improved as the USGA standard putting green allows for every conceivable putt and chip shot to be played.

The specific short game practice area has several target greens that are 30 - 100 yards away have been measured by GPS.

Using the iPad Teaching System learning Golf and understanding your swing faults couldn't be easier.

Our sessions are custom built around your needs, your swings notes are held on file and you are able to monitor your progress.

Coaching suitable for golfers of ALL standards
Beginners welcome
Non-members welcome
Equipment and balls supplied

Kings Hill Golf Club is delighted to have 5 top quality PGA coaches working from the state of the art Golf Academy.
Each coach has a different tariff based upon their experience and qualifications.

Listed below are the 30 minute and 60 minute tariffs for each coach, a discount is applicable for courses of 3, 6 and 12 sessions (5, 10 & 20% respectively)

Lesson Rates

Ben Blackburn PGA Class AA Director of Golf, Head Teaching Professional, and UK & Ireland Top 100 Coach
30 minutes £50
60 minutes £100
Quintic Putting £100
Playing lesson £165

Mark Trow Head Teaching professional and Director of Growing Golf - Class A PGA professional
30 minutes £40
60 minutes £70
Playing Lesson £125
Quintic Putting £70

Mark Peddar Senior Teaching Professional
30 minutes £40
60 minutes £70
Playing lesson £135
Quintec Putting £70

Chris Pearson Head of Junior development, Class A PGA Professional
30 minutes £35
60 minutes £60
Playing Lesson £60

Sian Evans PGA Professional
30 minute £25
60 minute £50
Playing lesson £90

All of our PGA Professionals are Master Fitters for TaylorMade, Titleist, and Lynx. Custom Fitting sessions are £45.

Gift vouchers are available for all services and make the perfect gift.

If you require further information or to book a session please either email us by clicking here or call us on 01732 842121