Gap in your game: part three

How many times have you got excited over a birdie putt only to end up walking off with a bogey? How many times have you struggled up to the green and then one-putted to save your hole? Your putter can be your downfall or your saviour. It can make every hole that much worse or that much better. Every. Single. Time.

Putting 'dustbin lid' training drill
The dustbin lid drill

Think 'dustbin lid'

Now that we’ve scared you with the reality of it (sorry!), it’s only fair we lend you a helping hand. The graphic above shows what we call a ‘dustbin lid’ around the hole; a much larger target to aim for, which encourages more confidence and fewer three-putts.

Set yourself up with some mid-range putts on the putting green and work on consistently finishing them inside that target (about 2 foot in radius). Your focus is on distance control with this drill, so that you give yourself very makeable follow-up putts if it doesn't end up in the bottom of the cup. Visualising the target when you’re out on the course could be very beneficial too!

The right putter will help

Once your distance control has improved - and, trust us, it will - finding a putter that suits your stroke will help. Aiding you in this is Odyssey’s new White Hot OG putters, which give you every opportunity to attack the hole while helping alleviate the dangers.

The first way of doing this is the White Hot face insert giving you precision if you want to go for an aggressive putt. Additionally, a Stroke Lab shaft gives you more stability and enhances consistency on your putts; letting you find the dustbin lid consistently.

Odyssey White Hot face in action

While all of the Odyssey White Hot OG putters are fantastic, there are ten different models for a reason. Each putter delivers different performance to suit different players, which makes getting fitted with us incredibly important if you want to get the most out of it.

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